Instructor Dave Sixel

Owner, 8th Degree Black Belt, Team USA Coach/Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Dave's Story

 David Sixel started out his martial arts career in 1971 under the training of Master Joseph Parks, Master Ok Hyung Kim and in 1998 Master John Townsley.  David’s current rankings are purple belt Jiu-Jitsu, 4th dan Tae-Kwon-Do, 4th dan Hakido, 4th dan Judo, and 8th dan Pankration.  David has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career ranging in his capacity as a student, competitor, instructor, coach and referee.   


David is currently the president of the USA Federation Of Pankration Athlima and Vice President of the World Federation Of Pankration Athlima. Dave is also a certified instructor in Cross Training.

Sixel's USA Martial Arts and Cross Fitness mission is to improve the quality of life and health of each client through the innovative effective fitness training and nutritional coaching.  These tools are needed to become healthier, physically stronger, to motivate others to live well, and challenge others in creative ways to live out fuller, smarter, and healthier lives. Our goal is to invoke long-lasting change that will positively impact our community .


Awards and Achievements


David L. Sixel Purple belt Jiu-Jitsu 4th dan Tae-Kwon-Do 4th dan Hakido 4th dan Judo 8th dan Pankration

1975-1981 out standing junior martial arts competition

1982-1983-1984-1986-1989-1991 Black belt of the year

1982 outstanding asst. instructor

1985 Received white house flag from congressman Toby Roth for M/A contribution in the U.S.

1992-1995-2000 Instructor of the year award

1994 outstanding referee and judge award

1995 Most dedicated award

1999 Gold medal sparring, gold medal forms, Pan American games

2000 Part of team USA receiving the gold medal at world pankration championships, Athens Greece

2001 Inducted into the hall of fame society, Purdue University

2002-Silver Medal at the clan challenge, Perth Scotland

2003-Ranked number one in Wisconsin in sparring and forms

2004-Recognized as one of the top ten premier martial arts schools in the United States.

2005-Silver medal in the Puerto-Rico open world championships.

2005-Inducted into the martial arts legion of honor

2006-Gold medal at the European championships, England.

2007-Team captain and manager of the U.S. team to Barnaul Russia

2007-Became FILA world pankration referee, Geneva Switzerland

2008-Elected USAFPA President

2008- Team captain and manager of the U.S. team to Ivanano Russia

2008- Team captain and manager of the U.S. team Tirana Albania

2008- Team captain and manager of the U.S. team to Brussels and Paris France

2009- Team president of gold medal team in Lithuania

2010- Team captain, Jamaica

2010- Team president and manager, Cracow Poland

2010- Team president, World Combat Games, Beijing China 2010- Coached and cornered Mike Sixel at USA vs Russia challenge, Moscow Russia

2011- Team president of the silver medal team in Belgrade Serbia

2011- Team sponsor, Budapest Hungary

2012- Inducted to the Karate Masters hall of fame.

2012- Team leader Sparta Greece

2012- Elected Vice President to World Pankration Athlima Federation